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Superman worked it retro, Iron Man a little more 21st century but Flying Spider, we’re doing it next generation (and with a camera in our hands)…


Not just for decades but for centuries now man has coveted the freedom of flying and seeing his world from above, whether you’re talking superheroes, jumbo jets or currently even commercially chartered inter-galactic crafts we’re obsessed with being up in the air.


The views, the angles, the detail, the landscape, now all able to be captured as magical moving images by a high-resolution, high-definition camera lens; Flying Spider Films is a new and exciting company bringing aerial videography to every industry and budget. With over 14 years broadcasting experience working for BBC1, ITV, CH4, CH5, SKY TV and more, our professional operators know exactly what the client needs and precisely which shots will achieve it.


Our Pilots are all fully CAA Approved and licenced. Our highly sophisticated, market-leading equipment is meticulously maintained and fully insured, so no hire fees and additional warrantees are usually necessary making drone and UAV technology not only a much more affordable alternative to helicopters but their size and manoeuvrability mean they can often achieve the shots you need, rather than just what you have previously, more expensively been able to get with a standard aircraft.


Here at Flying Spider Films, we don’t mind admitting we’re all self-confessed RC geeks; we’ve been steering our remote control cars and getting the hang of the more aerial vehicles for quite a while, now we’d like to take the opportunity to show you just how far those skills have taken us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries and questions through our Contact us page.


Click back regularly to see more of what the team at Flying Spider Films have (quite literally) been getting up to!

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